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Diner cuisine: the best places to taste it in Zagreb

There are 10 restaurants
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86/100 (1616 ratings)
Fast Food
"Haven't really felt the need to try any other burger in Zagreb since I discovered Burgeraj a few years back. A tripple onion jam burger and a large..."
Dragutin Đurasek Predic
"Best burgers I have ever eaten. We went there three times while in Zagreb. Yummy fries, good beer selection and very lovely staff. I recommend this..."
Sarah Robertson
"Izvrstan burger place - uvijek ljubazna konobarica, odlican bacon cheese burger, probali smo i onaj s paprika jam, all in all odlicno spremljeni..."
Sara Tilly
"Burgeraj is THE place to go for a real hamburger experience in Zagreb, and consequently Croatia. Ran by the people who understand the concept and the..."
Nevena Crljenko
"I thoroughly enjoyed my quick repast at this fantastic establishment. The double hamburger was extremely tasty and the staff did everything to make..."
Andrew Bowen
"The absolute best burger I've had in Zagreb. I can highly recommend..."
Jonathan Levine
"On par with Shake Shack, In-and-Out, etc. Probably the best American-style food we had in..."
Brett Luevanos-Elms
"Da se moze dat 10 zvjezdica, dala bi 11!! Najfiniji burgeri ikad, probali smo sve :)) slanina u bacon cheesu je nesto najfinije na svijetu!! je malo..."
Anja Tihomirović
"The Burgers here are so good that I go alone to be able to dedicate myself completely to enjoying it. And then meet friends to talk about how great..."
Tamara Puhovski
"American inspired food and craft beer, with better than American tasting burgers and friendly..."
Charlie Eberhart
"Pre fino � bas onak kako si ja zamislim da bi burger trebao biti sloppy sa mekanim socnim pecivom!!! I za sve koji se zalite da su premali narucite..."
Nina Rizvi
"Onion jam recommend by [732608951:Anta Alexandra Bucevic]..."
Matea Topolovac